The Vision of the Graduate

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The Vision of the Graduate is a text that outlines specific capacities that students are expected to gain by the time they graduate. The Vision of the Graduate is separated into three parts: academic capacities, personal capacities, and interpersonal capacities. Out of the three sections, two capacities really stuck out to me: “Collaborating with others to produce a unified work and or heightened understanding” and the second capacity being “Mastering a core body of knowledge.”


The first capacity that stuck out to me was “Collaborating with others to produce a unified work and or heightened understanding.” In other words, working in a group to make a project that helps us understand and analyze a topic. Knowing what that means I feel like I have grown significantly in the first capacity because in classes such as  Humanities and Biology I have been tasked to work in a group to create something the showed our understanding of the topic. For example, in Humanities my group was tasked to create a model for a WWII monument. For that project, I helped get supplies like toy soldiers and tanks. I also gathered information for dates and events In another project for Biology, my group made a Google Spreadsheet about climate change and penguins in which I researched about how climate change is decreasing their numbers and their preys numbers I also added the numbers I found into it. After going through the semester I feel like I have grown because I got an 84% on the Humanities project and an 81% on the Biology project in getting this grade and looking back at the process I feel like I created a project the showed a heightened understand by showing that I can make a graph about something I had little knowledge on before and explain/hypothesize about the future of their species based on my understanding.

However, I feel as if I need to work on the second capacity, mastering a core body of knowledge, because I feel as if even though I have done great in my classes mainly math and science during tests and midterms I haven’t shown that I can teach someone something like this. For example in biology, I haven’t had many assignment grades below 80% but I haven’t performed as I wanted to by getting an A which shows a high understanding of the topic. In math, though all the tests I have taken have never been lower than a 90% I haven’t executed as fast and as efficient as I think I should to master a core body of knowledge for example in almost every class when doing an assignment 1 or 2 people finish before prompting me to rush lowering my grade and also when I finish a test long before the suggested end time or before anyone else I always get lower than a 98% which is not a bad score but does not show I have fully mastered the material.

In all even though I have accomplished one capacity I still haven’t mastered the capacities I want to complete. So I need to work hard as the second semester is beginning.



Midway through my Genius Hour

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While working on my montage of the three techniques used by Olympic sprinters, I have learned a lot of things regarding the process of creating a documentary.


There are many challenges since I didn’t have many materials to work with. Because I am inexperienced in making a documentary, it is hard. It doesn’t help to have an inexperienced cameraman. I also need another person to record my time, since my cameraman has to use both hands. I have been timing myself with my phone, which doesn’t seem effective since I am trying to run at the same time


Although, there have been many challenges, such as blurry footage or inaccurate timing. I have learned the science behind running in the cold. Studies show running in the cold trains your body to use oxygen more efficiently. Another bit of science is that, although when you exercise, your heart and your lungs work hard, in the cold they work even harder. Low temperatures make your blood vessels and arteries more restricted, which reduces oxygen and blood flow to your heart so it pumps harder and faster.


These challenges and facts have really taught me some things about how to make my project better and how to do well on projects like this in the future. Even though I haven’t dealt with the camera problem I have some ideas on how to fix it like changing the timing problem like getting another person out on the track with us to time me instead of doing it myself; If I don’t it’s going to be hard focusing on the different techniques and how to do them correctly.  

Growth Mindset in terms of my Genius Hour

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Throughout my Genius Hour project, I have encountered two types of mindsets the fixed and the growth. The first being a mindset in which you believe that what you have achieved at the moment is all you can achieve but the latter is a mindset in which you believe you can do better and you want to try harder even though you fail at first. In discovering these two mindsets I have also discovered why I may have failed or succeeded in some portions of my project.
In one part of my project, I saw that when recording my running half of the recordings were incredibly blurry, instead of trying to fix the problem I said to heck with it and left like that thinking I couldn’t do anything to fix it. That event was an example of a fixed mindset, not a great example but an example nonetheless.  An example of growth mindset occurred when I was running, I was running and I kept getting numbers around the 10-second mark and I was thinking to myself you can go faster or go faster and I didn’t stop trying and pushing myself and eventually, I broke the 9-second mark getting a 9:92. This moment in which things weren’t going as I wanted them to, I thought to myself I gotta change that, that is what growth mindset is even if you don’t achieve something.

That’s the thing about these mindsets there’s the fixed in which you think after you fail you can’t do anything and you’ll never succeed but having a growth mindset, a mindset in which you tell yourself that I can do better that mindset, the growth mindset is what makes people work for what they want, it’s the mindset that makes people innovate.

Starting my Genius Hour


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In Design Studio my teacher Mr. Belanger assigned the class to do a Genius Hour research project. Obviously, I chose to research different techniques of Olympic sprinters so I could develop my running form and techniques I really wanted to do this because I am really good at it, and I like the way it feels when I run, and I also feel like I can excel at something like this in the future.

When I start doing this I expect to see the different strengths and weaknesses of different sprinters and test out which one makes me faster or slower. I’m also hoping to incorporate all the techniques I research; for example, different starts, drives, and stride techniques that positively impact my sprinting the greatest. I also expect others in the future to see the video I’m going to do and see why I am excelling in the Olympics. That’s what I want to do with the data I get help others run faster.  

The only thing I can see standing in my way is the lack of analyses on Olympic sprinters running form and techniques so I guess I’ll just have to dig deeper to find out how to work on getting my drive phase to be as effective as Asafa Powell’s and my starting to be as strong and accurate as Ben Johnson’s.

The Journey Begins

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My past experiences with learning were rather mediocre and not as hands-on as Innovation lab promises to be. The only experience that had a lasting positive feeling to me was my 8th grade English classes because I had this teacher named Mrs. Fallon, and she is currently the best teacher I’ve encountered so far class with her was a very fun experience because it was different from my other classes in the way that she didn’t really act like a teacher. She taught things, as she put it “wasn’t made by some old or dead white guy.” She taught the class more stuff about life and how to treat people and better your writing instead of just stuffing reading and writing information in your head and giving you endless essays instead she gave us different types of assignments that were more project based.  

I haven’t experienced that much this year but the things that stick out to me are our mini project to create a prototype of a tool that can create a safe source of light or purifying water, it sticks out to me because even though I did minimal work it was fun thinking in different ways because you had to use objects you wouldn’t use to do the given task. The other thing that was pretty cool was the I slides in Humanities but what I really found fun and interesting is doing what we’re doing now making blog posts and stuff like that.

Based on what I’ve experienced in Innovation Lab I hope to start understanding how to go about learning things in ways I haven’t done and understanding more about how I can use Innovation Lab as a way to further my learning. I also hope to do more group activities around topics that I’m interested in and I may not know about. I think that in Innovation Lab I expect we will do activities outside the classroom.